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Kitchen Sinks - Which Basin to Choose

A vital step in choosing your kitchen sink is deciding how many basins you will need. How you use your sink and how much space you have available should factor into your decision.

When remodeling, if you're not changing the countertop, remember to take into consideration the cutout area of your old sink. The new sink you select should fit into the existing hole in your countertop.

If you have limited counter space, you're not necessarily limited to a small sink. Consider a sink that incorporates a cutting board over the sink basin to extend your working area.

Single Basin Kitchen Sinks

Single Basin Kitchen Sinks

If you use a dishwasher, you may prefer a sink with a large single basin. Overall dimensions of single-basin sinks tend to be smaller than the standard 33 inches long (measured horizontally) by 22 inches wide (front to back).

For large kitchens, consider installing a single-basin secondary sink in an island to help make food preparation more convenient. The island sink can be the anchor for a second work triangle in a two-cook kitchen. Position a sink, small refrigerator and microwave in a transitional area between the kitchen and living spaces. This creates a place for kids and guests to prepare snacks without interfering with the primary cooking workflow.
Double Basin Kitchen Sinks

Double Basin and Triple Basin Kitchen Sinks

If you hand-wash your dishes, you may prefer a sink with two or three basins.

Standard depth for basins is about 8 inches, so if you need to accommodate large roasting pans and stock pots, look for basins that are wider and about 9 or 10 inches deep.

These multi-basin sinks often offer a small separate compartment. This feature can be handy for scraping food leftovers directly into the sink, for garbage disposal or recycling.

Standard sinks, usually double-basin models, are 33 inches long by 22 inches wide and fit in regular base cabinets which are 36 inches long by 24 inches wide. Triple-basin sinks are larger than standard size.

Serious cooks may want to consider professional-level workstations which offer the convenience of food preparation, water-based cooking and cleanup in one multitask location.

Kitchen Sink Accessories

Consider extending the convenience and utility of your kitchen sink by adding some well-designed accessories.

Using a cutting board that fits snugly over the sink basin can help maximize your counter space. Extend food preparation efficiency with a colander for catching and draining food scraps.

If you hand-wash plates, glassware and utensils you might consider using rinse baskets. The best models are custom-made to fit your basin shape and hold fragile items upright to dry quickly. Bottom basin racks are also shaped to fit and are coated with plastic to cushion dishes while protecting the sink surface.

Sinks usually have three or four holes, but some have up to six holes in the faucet deck. Depending on which faucet you have, there may be one or more holes available for additional accessories.

Consider using some of those extra holes for a soap/lotion dispenser, hot water dispenser or a filtered water faucet. For real convenience, some sinks will accept remote-cable drains. Remote cable drains use a control dial mounted on the faucet deck to open and close stoppers underneath the sink drain baskets so you can drain the sink without getting your hands wet.

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