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Choosing a Shower Right For You

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Some of the most overlooked, but critical, elements in buying shower components are the valves. The valves are part of the plumbing inside the walls, and many of the items below require them. While sometimes they are included, often they are not, you'll save yourself time and headaches by double-checking. If it's a remodel, are you opening the walls and changing the plumbing? Or only updating existing fixtures? If you're updating existing fixtures and want to use the existing valves in the plumbing, you'll need to choose trim that is the same brand, since valves differ by brand. If you're redoing the plumbing or installing new construction, choose any brand and fixtures you wish knowing in the future you'll have to stick with that brand for any updates.

  • Showerheads

    Single-Function Showerheads: If you love a straightforward, incredible spray experience every time you step into the shower, a single-function showerhead is ideal. Kohler single-function showerheads include classic, Katalyst® spray air-induction and water-saving spray options-all engineered to deliver simple, luxurious water experiences day in, day out. Most of Kohler's single-function showerheads feature easy-to-clean MasterClean™ sprayfaces, exceptional low-pressure performance ensured by an innovative racetrack waterway, and line-matched designs and finishes.

    Multi-Function Showerheads: If you like a shower that keeps pace with your day–an invigorating wakeup shower, a massaging after-workout shower or a relaxing evening shower–a multifunction showerhead is the way to go. Kohler offers a range of multifunction spray experiences, including water-saving options, to suit a variety of intensity preferences. Most of their multifunction showerheads feature easy-to-clean MasterClean™ sprayfaces and quick-adjusting sprayheads.

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  • Handshowers

    Handshowers are great for the family shower and can function in place of or in combination with a wall-mounted showerhead. Install your handshower with a slidebar and brackets to enhance the functionality of your shower and accommodate a range of heights- both adults and children. Most of Kohler's handshowers feature easy-to-clean MasterClean™ sprayfaces.

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  • Bodysprays
    Body Spray

    From low-profile to multifunction, KOHLER bodysprays offer a variety of hydrotherapy experiences. Designed to complement any decor, our bodysprays introduce another way to experience water in the shower.

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  • Rain Showerheads
    Rain Showerhead

    KOHLER rainheads feature Katalyst® spray technology, a revolutionary air-induction system with enhanced spray-nozzle configurations.They offer complete coverage with full, heavy water drops for a powerful, thoroughly drenching shower experience. Kohler Rainheads are manufactured of solid brass for a lifetime of reliable performance.

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  • Shower Packages
    Shower System

    Take the guesswork out of designing a custom shower with a shower package. From essential to luxury, our packages bring together the key components you need to create a truly satisfying showering experience in your master or secondary bath. If you're looking for a simple, stylish solution, our bath/shower trim sets provide you with the basic essentials for an outstanding shower. Shower valves sold separately.

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  • Shower Diverter

    A diverter valve is used to change, or divert, the water flow to various outlets. They are used in showers, tub & shower combinations, bidets, roman tub fillers and kitchen faucet sprayers. For example, from the tub faucet to the showerhead, or the fixed showerhead to a handheld showerhead. Choose from several styles of diverter trim; a handle, a pull-lever on a spout, or a button, available in various finishes. Important to note: diverters require both the diverter valve, that goes into the wall, and the trim, or the handle and the escutcheon. In some cases they are sold together, but often times you'll need to buy them separately. If you know the shower setup you're planning but not sure on the style/finish, you can buy the valves ahead to keep the plumber going and choose the trim later in the preferred style and finish.

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