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Kohler Tub Faucets

Tub Faucets
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Some of the most overlooked, but critical, elements in buying shower components are the valves. The valves are part of the plumbing inside the walls, and many of the items below require them. While sometimes they are included, often they are not, you'll save yourself time and headaches by double-checking. If it's a remodel, are you opening the walls and changing the plumbing or only updating existing fixtures? Valves differ by brand. If you're updating existing fixtures and want to use the existing valves in the plumbing, you'll need to choose trim that is the same brand. If you're redoing the plumbing or installing new construction, choose any brand and fixtures you wish, only be aware in the future you'll have to stick with that brand for any updates.

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Tub Faucets by Kohler

Kohler is one of the most trusted names in bathroom fixtures, and their tub faucets are part of that tradition of excellence. Fully style your tub in classic shapes and oil-rubbed bronze or add sparkle with modern angles in polished chrome. Kohler tub faucets fit every style available; stand-alone, drop-in, corner, and soaking.