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Soaking Tubs & Extra Deep Bathtubs

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Soaking Tubs

Soaking Tubs

Kallista Small Rectangular Bathtub

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  • Finish: Stucco White

Kohler 60" x 32" Alcove Soaking Bathtub with Integral Apron and Left Drain

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  • Available in 5 finishes
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Soaking Tubs & Extra Deep Bathtubs

Soaking tubs are tubs that are designed to give you the ultimate bathing experience with a deeper bath for full-body immersion, unlike other tubs. Some soaking tubs have an integrated shower and some of them are extra deep to allow people to emerge themselves up to their neck. There are a few different kinds of soaking bathtubs.

Garden tubs are not necessarily found in a garden, but are often placed near a large window overlooking a garden to give bathers a scenic and relaxing view. These are oversized and deep tubs that allow your full body to soak. Garden tubs do not include any jets or attached shower heads. They are freestanding and usually oval shaped tubs to be able to fit more water.

Japanese soaking tubs are designed to mimic Japanese culture and cleanse as much of the body under the water as possible. These deep soaking tubs are taller and take up little space in a bathroom. This tub is designed for people to sit upright instead of laying down.

A roman tub is not always freestanding but is another kind of deep soaking tub. These are usually considered “step-down” or drop-in tubs and can be designed to fit right next to the walls in your bathroom. The goal is that you wouldn’t need a ladder to get into it like other soaking tubs.

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