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Innovative Kitchen & Bath Technology by Moen

Moen Innovations

The home of the future is now. Moen listened to your needs and uses the power of technology to create faucets and fixtures to make your life just a little bit easier; more forceful kitchen sprayers without extra splash, easy docking for handheld shower heads, touchless faucets to eliminate clean up after cleaning up, and customizable showering that brings the spa to you every day.


Featured Moen Innovations

Power Clean

Spend less time cleaning up sticky messes with Moen’s new Power Clean kitchen faucets. More force doesn’t have to mean more splash because Moen has harnessed the power of force while delivering water savings at the same time. With a Power Clean kitchen faucet, you’ll get more done in less time.


Moen Power Clean Featured Products


Docking your handheld shower head is so easy, you can do it with your eyes closed! Moen’s patented Magnetix docking involves an integrated magnet that allows for easy release, kink-free flexibility and snap-back return.


Moen Magnetix Featured Products

Motion Sense

Kitchen messes can be made worse when sticky, dirty, icky hands have to turn on the faucet. Until now. Moen’s MotionSense technology features touchless on/off operation so with just the wave of your hand or placing a cup, pot or pitcher under the spout, you can activate water flow. It’s not magic, it’s MotionSense.


Moen Motion Sense Featured Products

U by Moen

You’ve been dreaming about a spa-like showering experience at home, and now you can have it! U by Moen allows you to create your oasis according to your needs. Is it early morning, and you need to wake up, or do you need to wind down a bit? There are settings – and an app – for both so you control how long and what temperature you shower.


U by Moen Featured Products