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Champagne Silver Bathroom Accessories

Elk Lighting Mirror Masters Appealing Figure Eight Crested Mirror

  • elk-mw0191-0147
  • Finish: Champagne Silver
  • $240.00

* This figure eight crested oval mirror is contemporary, and yet traditional, in its simplicity. * Dimensions: 14.125"L x 23.625"W x 24.75"H * Appealing Figure Eight Crested Design:

Elk Lighting Mirror Masters Kaleidoscope Pattern Mirror

  • elk-mw8215-0047
  • Finish: Champagne Silver
  • $208.00

* This abstract design is a contemporary chameleon that can resemble a kaleidoscope view or even be interpreted as a flower. * Dimensions: 7"L x 31.5"W x 31.5"H * Kaleidoscope Pattern Mirror: