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Eucalyptus Accessories Steamroom

Mr Steam AromaSteam Oil 33oz. Eucalyptus For Use with AromaStream Pump

  • ms-oil1
  • Available in 5 finishes
  • Starting at $75.00

* For Aromasteam Pump Only * 1 Liter (33 oz.) bottle with 10 ml. dropper * Color settings work in harmony with oil * Bottle fits in the oil container caddy, providing ease of use * Specially formulated and packaged aroma oils for use with Mr. Steam Aromastream System

Mr Steam AromaSteam Eucalyptus Essential Oil

  • 103810
  • Available in 5 finishes
  • $23.10

* For use with the Mr Steam AromaSteam steamhead * Pure essential oils made from natural plant extracts * Packaged as individual 10ml bottles with integral dropper * Not for use with acrylic or fiberglass rooms * Available in five fragrances: * Eucalyptus: A deeply refreshing aroma with…