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Kohler Toilet Trip Lever Kit

  • k-1034693-vf
  • Available in 6 finishes
  • Starting at $15.30

* Mounting: Front of tank - either side * Compatible with the following Kohler toilet models: K-10491, K-10492, K-11451, K-11456, K-11465, K-11465, K-11813, K-11823, K-11889, K-14509, K-15410, K-3489, K-3496, K-3496, K-3496-HE, K-3496-HE, K-3497, K-3497, K-3499, K-3589, K-3609, K-3802, K-3810,…

Kingston Brass Toilet Tank Lever

  • ktpl5
  • Available in 2 finishes
  • Starting at $34.47

* Victorian Decor Tank Lever * With Its Round Bulky Shape, the Tank Lever Also Features a White Porcelain Handle Made of Oak to Provide Easy-Handling Making Your Bathroom Exquisite and Stylish * Limited Lifetime Warranty * Solid Cast Brass Construction * Premier Finish * Made to Match Most…