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Vibrant Polished Nickel Shower Arm Diverters Tub & Shower Accessories

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Kohler Three-Way Shower Arm Diverter

  • Kohler k-76330-sn
  • Universal Collection
  • Available in 5 finishes
  • $93.75 - $131.25

* This showerarm includes a diverter that makes it easy to switch the water flow from showerhead to handshower or to run both at the same time.* Diverter switches water between showerhead and handshower, or both on at one time.* 1/2-inch NPT connection.* Includes flange.* K-76334 Traditional flange…

Kohler 5-7/16" Shower Arm Diverter

  • Kohler k-9511-sn
  • Mastershower Collection
  • Available in 7 finishes
  • $209.98 - $403.39

* This MasterShower showerarm with diverter allows a combination of handshower and showerhead functions for a complete performance showering system.* Showerarm with diverter switches water between showerhead and handshower.* Coordinates with MasterShower showerheads and handshowers.* Brass…