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Vintage Nickel Shower Drain Covers Tub & Shower Accessories

Kohler Round Shower Grid Drain with Gasket

  • k-9132-vnt
  • Available in 11 finishes
  • Starting at $53.21

* This KOHLER shower drain is designed to be installed on any shower receptor, not meant for tile or marble installations. Can be installed on 2" metal or plastic pipe. * Solid brass construction * Preforated strainer shower drain * Included 2" plastic pipe gasket/bushing * For acrylic,…

Kohler 4-9/16" Square Tile-In Shower Drain

  • k-9136-vnt
  • Available in 12 finishes
  • Starting at $46.85

* Complete Your Custom Shower Installation with the Superior Quality and Reliability of this KOHLER Drain * Designed for Tile-in Applications, it is Available in a Myriad of Finishes to Complement Any Style * Durable Construction and Kohler Quality * Inside Tailpiece for 2" Drains and Outside…

Kohler 4-1/4" Round Tile-In Shower Drain

  • k-9135-vnt
  • Available in 11 finishes
  • Starting at $55.35

* Complete your custom shower installation with the superior quality and reliability of this KOHLER drain. Designed for tile-in applications, it is available in a myriad of finishes to complement any style. * Durable construction and Kohler quality * Inside tailpiece for 2" drains and outside…