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Kohler Iv Georges Brass Tub & Shower Accessories

Kohler 29-5/8" Tub Faucet Riser Tubes with Cross Connection (Pair)

  • k-128-cp
  • Available in 7 finishes
  • Starting at $268.73

* Raise your bath faucet 29-5/8 inches off the floor with the Antique riser tubes with cross connection. These slender tubes feature escutcheons for secure floor mounting and a cross connection for the drain. They are designed for use with freestanding Vintage and Iron Works baths. * Brass…

Kohler 2-3/4" Single Function Showerhead, with Adjustable Spray, Arm and Flange 2.5 GPM

  • k-6812-pb
  • Available in 4 finishes
  • Starting at $503.48

* Inspired by 18th-century English designs, this traditional-style IV Georges Brass showerhead with arm and flange will enhance your bath or shower space. Elegant in every detail, this adjustable single-function showerhead provides a full, consistent spray of water for an enveloping showering…