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No Finish Urinals

Kohler b'China Grate Urinal Strainer'

  • k-9172-na
  • Finish: No Finish
  • $76.20

b' * This stainless steel urinal strainer completes vitreous china urinal stalls, and features a china grate and solid brass construction. * Urinal strainer with china grate * For vitreous china urinal stall * For caulking 2" iron pipe or soldering 2" lead pipe * Solid brass construction for…

Kohler b'Waterless Urinal Maintenance Balls (Case of 24)'

  • k-4929-na
  • Finish: No Finish
  • $78.04

b" * Waterless urinal maintenance balls * Category: Toilet Bowls * Collection: Universal * The Waterless Urinal maintenance balls are designed to enhance the routine maintenance of KOHLER'S Steward Urinals. When used in conjunction with proper maintenance of the Steward Urinal (every two weeks)…

Kohler b'Beehive Urinal Strainer'

  • k-9161-na
  • Finish: No Finish
  • $60.45

b' * This stainless steel strainer completes enameled iron urinals, and features a beehive grate, solid brass construction and a 1-1/2" tailpiece. * Urinal beehive strainer * For enameled iron urinals * 1-1/2" tailpiece * Solid brass construction for durability and reliability'