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rohl Air Gaps Kitchen Accessories

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Rohl Luxury Air Gap

  • Rohl AG600-TCB
  • Universal Collection
  • Available in 7 finishes
  • $45.00 - $112.50

* Luxury Air Gap* Cap and Base Ring Made of Brass* Body is Made of Heat Resistant Polypropylene* Matches Rohl Finishes* Updated Style with Base Ring to Cover Down to Deck or Sink* 1 3/8" Cutout* Inca Brass Available by Special Order Only

Rohl Decorative Luxury Air Gap

  • Rohl AG700PN
  • Universal Collection
  • Available in 6 finishes
  • $121.50 - $131.25

* Traditional Styling* Cap Made of Brass* Body is Made of Heat-Resistant Polypropylene* 1-3/8" Cutout* Includes ROHL Branding on Top of Air Gap