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Aquapure Water Filters Replacement Cartridges

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AquaPure Replacement Water Filter Cartridge

  • AquaPure ap110
  • Universal Collection
  • Finish: No Finish
  • $27.34

* Replacement Cartridge* Standard Grade Dirt/Rust Recuction* 5 Micron Nominal* Graded Density/Resin Bonded* Standard Length* Cold Water Only* 2 Cartridges Included* Fits AP101T, AP102T, AP11S, AP11T, AP1610, AP51T, AP101S, AP102S, AP12T, AP12S, AP2610, SS1 thru SS12, and SS20 thru SS36* Replaces AP111

AquaPure Whole House-Replacement Cartridge

  • AquaPure aps11701
  • Universal Collection
  • Finish: No Finish
  • $85.33

* Patent Pending Technology Provides Fine Sediment Filtration Down to 5 Micron* Rigid Construction Helps to Eliminate Sediment "Unloading" Due to Variances in Water Pressure* Double Open Ended Design Allows For Filtration Regardless of Which Way It is Installed in the Housing* The Unique Flow…

AquaPure Replacement Cartridge for AP400

  • AquaPure 5527402
  • Universal Collection
  • Finish: No Finish
  • $157.99

* Dual Action Filter Equals Sediment Reduction and the Introduction of a Scale Inhibitor* Scale Inhibitor Filter For All the Hot Water* Scale Inhibitor Engineered to Dose Evenly For 9 Months* ADA Compliant

AquaPure Co AP124 Dirt/Rust Cartridge (Pr)

  • AquaPure 5620601
  • Universal Collection
  • Finish: No Finish
  • $31.02

* 50 micron Graded Density sediment cartridge provides longer life and greater efficiency than any other cartridge* Standard dimensions allow cartridge to upgrade/retrofit other manufacturers housings* Will not bypass like competitive technologies

AquaPure Single Water Filter Cartridge

  • AquaPure ap217
  • Universal Collection
  • Finish: No Finish
  • $94.06

* Aquapure CO AP217 Single Water Filter Cartridge* Replacement Cartridge* The Aqua Pure AP217 Single Filter is a replacement cartridge for the popular AP200 filter system* It is a one-filter pack that sees a lot of demand from households needing an easy replacement of their home water purification…