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Expert Fixture Advice


Why are your prices so low?

Our prices are significantly lower than what you would find at the local home improvement center, plumbing supply center or even other online stores. You may wonder, "how is this possible?" We are able to provide a very low price on quality products because:

  • Unlike stores in your neighborhoods or some online stores, we do not buy from "wholesalers" who buy from other "wholesalers", who in turn buy their products from yet another "wholesaler". By ordering from us, you are removing a lot of people in the middle. Sure, we buy at wholesale, but fewer people in the middle means fewer price markups along the way.
  • Our prices are low because we believe a great value for you will generate more happy customers and more business. We accept lower profits in exchange for higher volume and customer's who tell others about the great deal they obtained with us. Our customers are very satisfied and we think you'll be satisfied too.

Are your products remanufactured?

Everything we sell is brand new, unopened packages, current model items from the manufacturers. We do not sell any used or scratch-and-dent products.

Your competition says to beware of the low price

We understand that. We run a very efficient operation and our intent is to provide you with the lowest price we can while not sacrificing customer service or product quality. Our customers are very satisfied and we think you'll be satisfied too.

We believe that if you get a good price, a good product, and a good shopping experience, you will tell all your friends about us!


The eFaucets Team

Do you have questions?

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