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Teakworks4u Bath Accessories

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Teakworks4u Bathroom Accessories


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About Teakworks4u

Teak is beautiful, warm, hearty and particularly suited for moist climates, so it's the perfect material for bathroom accessories that complement any design scheme while also enhancing bathroom safety. The wood is naturally slip-resistant and easy to maintain; just clean it with a soft brush whenever you clean your bathroom and allow it to air dry.

Teakworks4u hand crafts every mat, bench, and ADA-compliant seat out of solid teak. With Teakworks, you have a warm surface coming out of the shower, a comfortable seat that folds out of the way, and a safe bench that provides security. Even better? Teakworks4u is 100% Made in the U.S.A. at their Winona, MN, location.