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Washlet Buying Guide

Two Piece Washlet - Seat Only Washlet C100 There are several things to consider when choosing which Washlet is right for you. One of the first things to decide is between the two categories of Washlet you need, either a One Piece Washlet or just the Washlet seat or Two Piece Washlet. A One Piece Washlet comes as a single unit with toilet and Washlet together. The Washlet seat or Two Piece Washlet simply comes as a self contained toilet seat that can, with simple installation, easily attach to most existing toilet models. For more information about installation guidelines please check out our listing of Washlet Installation Manuals. When chosing just a Washlet seat you will want to be sure that the Washlet you choose will fit your specific make and model toilet. Check our Washlet Fit Chart in pdf format to verify compatibility.
Washlet C 100

After choosing which category of Washlet is right for you the next step is choosing shape. There are typically two different shapes to choose from, the Round and Elongated. Shape is dictated by the shape and dimentions of your toilet bowl. When choosing a One Piece Washlet system you simply need to choose the make and model that you are most comfortable with. The Washlet will come already fit to the bowl of the toilet you choose.

If you are selecting a Washlet seat, you must check to make sure that the shape of the Washlet matches the shape of the toilet you are planning on using with it. For more information on Washlet compatibility and to help determine your current toilet bowl shape, please view our Washlet Fit Chart.

Once the type and shape are decided upon, the final thing to choose is the model of Washlet that is right for you. Each model comes with it's own features and specifications. Washlet models include a variety of different settings, gentle warm water self cleaning spray, a control module and all Washlets provide an unparalleled bathroom experience.

Some of the models you might consider choosing are the Toto C100 Washlet, Toto E200 Washlet, Toto S300 Washlet and the Toto S400 Washlet. You can visit our Today's Top Washlets page to see more profiles of these Washlet models. And for a more in-depth look at each model, please visit our Washlet Project Guides page and view our Washlet Model Specification Sheets. We are sure that once you purchase a Washlet it will be the biggest improvement you make to your personal comfort in a long time!

If after visiting our Washlet page you still need our assistance, one of our personal shopping sales experts can help you select the Washlet and or toilet along with any other bathroom accessories that will help complete your order. Call us Toll Free at 1-800-891-0896 or click here to use or live online chat.
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