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Washlet Common Questions

Common Washlet Questions

Common Questions About Washlets

Does anything touch me?

When you use the Washlet nothing touches you but pure clean water.

Where does the water come from that washes me?
The Washlet washes you with water that comes directly from you homes clean water supply. So it's pure clean water every time!

How do I know the cleansing wand is clean?
The wand sanitizes itself automatically before and after every use. In addition it is made from anti-microbial plastic which is specially formulated to fight germs.

What stops the water from falling back onto the wand?
The wand which disperses the water is angled perfectly so the water can't fall back onto itself. Plus when it's not in use, the wand retracts back into the washlet where it's out of the way.

Can the seat get so hot that it can burn me?
The answer is No. The seat temperature is between 79 and 97 Fahrenheit. You select the settings and it stays there. On cold mornings the warm seat will make you feel sorry for anyone that isn't you.

How hard does the water come out?
The Washlet has multiple settings for water pressure and you can't call any of them 'hard'. Think of them as ranging from 'nice' to 'even nicer'. And you can adjust all settings to your exact preference.

How hot is the water?
Not hot, more like warm. And it is fully adjustable to just the way you like it. From comfortable to toasty.

Is the Washlet okay if you have hemorrhoids?
If you have hemorrhoids a Washlet is more than okay. It's perfect! Real help for a really annoying and occasionally serious problem.

How about when you're pregnant?
The Washlet is ideal both during and after pregnancy. Making life a little comfier, easier and a little nicer. If you are having a baby you HAVE to have a Washlet.

I'm getting along just fine the old way. Do I really need this?
Once people asked the same exact questions about washing machines and microwaves ovens. Today we can't imagine life without them. The Washlet is one of those technological advances that looking back you wish you'd discovered sooner. So yes, you need this.

Is the Washlet helpful for feminine hygiene?
It absolutely is. Whether it's during your cycle or any other time the Washlet it is a quick easy way to be fresher, comfier, and happier.

How hard is the Washlet to install?
It is incredibly simple to install a Washlet. Consulting a professional is recommended but all you really do is attach it to your toilet, connect it to your clean water supply, plug it into the gfci outlet, and in as little as 20 minutes you are good to go. For more information on installation visit our Installation guides.

Will the Washlet fit my toilet?
The Washlet is designed to fit virtually any toilet on the market. For more information about compatibility consult the fit chart in our Project Guides section.

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